Affordable Kids Summer Camp In San Diego Helps Kids Get Off Video Games, Learn New Skills And Have Endless Fun

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When I finish all the weeks of the kids self reliance camp, I feel like I accomplished something BIG!


Kids Self Reliance Camp

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Self Reliance Summer Camp Is The Perfect Way To Help Your Child Get Outside, Learn New Skills And Have Endless Fun

From: Martin Ferreira
San Diego, CA

Dear Mom or Dad,

My name is Martin Ferreira and I’m here today because I want to help provide your child the summer of a lifetime and invite you to join us at this years Self Reliance Summer Camp. 

Self Reliance Kids Summer camp is designed to help empower your child with truly valuable skills that range in nature from gardening, canning, cooking, land navigation, fishing, first aid a ton more. 


But before you sign your kids up for this years summer camp, I’m going to tell you the back story about how it was created, what type of kids the camp is suited for and all the details other parents like you need to know. 

The camps activities, curriculum and skills taught are not something I just made up or simply read in a book.

Myself along with my fellow Self Reliance team members have spent the majority of our lives living out the values and skills we teach. 

I Really Wanted To Be The Best Father Possible To My Daughters

This is how Self Reliance Camp was created over 16 years ago.

I was a father to two young daughters while tirelessly working hard building my business.

I really wanted to be the best father possible to my daughters and was working hard for our financial future.

dad and daughters

I Was Finding It Difficult To Spend Time Building My Business And Being The Best Father Possible 

The thing is I was finding it difficult to spend time building a successful business and being the best father possible to my two girls. 

To make things worse, I felt terrible because one day my daughter stopped me in my tracks and told me she needed to spend more time with me . 



Even worse, up until this point I never knew how my daughter truly felt about how much time I spent away from home.

I felt like I needed to make changes fast and I determined I needed to truly revaluate my life and priorities .

I also learned that working hard outside the home means nothing to my young children , and quality time with family truthfully matters most. 

” The Problem Was That My Business Needed Me To Continue Producing And Growing It As Rapidly As Possible. “

The problem was that my business and partner needed me to continue producing and growing the business as rapidly as possible.

However if I didn’t begin finding more time to genuinely connect more with my daughters my relationship with them was going to permanently change.

As I reflected, it was becoming crystal clear to me how to become the best father and parent I could be moving forward.  

The answer was quality time with my two daughters for as long as possible. They were growing up fast and I knew my time with them was truly limited. 

” I Started Thinking Of All The Ways My Girls Would Love To Spend Time With Me

As a result I started thinking of all the ways my girls would love to spend time with me.

I also knew that I possessed endless knowledge around self reliance, fun outdoor skills like bushcraft and a ton more. I genuinely desired to pass this knowledge along to my daughters. 

Soon after I started spending time teaching my girls how to fish,  how to how to catch food, how to cook and more.

As a life long martial arts teacher I also began teaching my daughters how to effectively defend themselves and  how to build stronger bodies.  

From taking care of animals like livestock to making homemade soap, the skills passed along were truly endless. 

Dad and daughters

“Suddenly, I Was Starting To Be Asked By Parents In My Community How Were My Daughters So Successful In All Their Endeavors?

parent and child

Suddenly, I was starting to be asked by parents in my community how my daughters were so successful in all their endeavors?

That’s when I realized that the secret to both spending more time with my daughters and helping empower other families with this knowledge was to begin building a self reliance based community. 


  “My Plan Was To Start Creating Fun Skill Based Lessons To Help Teach Young Children Valuable Skill Sets. 

My plan was to start creating fun skill based lessons and activities to help teach young children valuable skill sets. 

So I started putting all my knowledge together in teachable formats.

We then started hosting our first camps in 2008. But then there was still a few problems.

I also realized a team is better than an individual so I partnered with other trusted and knowledgable individuals to help teach additional subjects like first aid and our 3D printing workshops. 

We ended up having so much knowledge that I eventually needed to find a way to create a frame work for how to teach all of the self reliance lessons and skill over an extended period of time. 


kids camp

We Began Teaching Other Kids How To Become More Confident, Self Reliant And Have A Ton Of Fun Over 3 Weeks Of Kids Summer Camp

We realized that if we could create something that would make it possible to teach other kids how to become more confident, self reliant and have a ton of fun over 3 weeks of summer, we’d be onto something really big.

We chose to call it “Self Reliance Camp ”.

After 8 years of hosting Self Reliance Kids Camp, we’ve perfected the experience and as a result over 350 kids just like yours have attended our camp since 2008.


kids exercising at camp

Welcome To Self Reliance Summer Camp 2024!

After creating Self Reliance Camp , I was not only able to pass on my knowledge to not only my 2 daughters but also empower other children to be more confident and self reliant.


In the end, all of this means I was able to create lasting memories teaching the lessons I’ve taught to my daughters and pass it along to other kids and families as well. 

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3 Weeks Of Fun July 8th – 26th | Only $425 Per Week!

Week 1 Overview July 8th – 12th

Daily Exercise:

The lasting benefits of learning how to properly and safely exercise, while having fun will help you child discover how to buil dhealthy new habits. 


Your kids will have a blast enjoying learning the fundamenetals to fresh water fishing at Lake Jennings.

Land Navigation:

Discovering how to both use a basic compass and map, your kids will learn the basics to land navigation.

Podcasting & Video Editing:

The experience of learning how to script, record and produce a podcast plus edit video will leave expose your kids to new and valuable skill sets.

First Aid:

First Aid and knowing how to properally asses basic injuries is valuable knowlege every child will elearn during the first week of camp.

Week 2 Overview: July 15th – 19th

kids cooking together at kids camp


Canning is all about learning how to preserve fresh grown food.


Using a variety of local food that’s grown here at camp and other healthy ingredients, your kids will learn simple and delicious tasting recipes.


Here at camp there is a large garden that grows a diverse set of foods like squashes, large zucchini’s, water melon, a variety of greens, herbs, and more.


Daily Exercise Cont:

Week 2 continues showing your child how to keep up the healthy progress and momentum with daily, fun exercise. 


Foraging is all about learning the timeless fundamentals to identifying healthy and nutritious plants and herbs and their health benefits.

Land Nav Cont

During the 2nd week of camp all kids who attend will learn more skill and experience with land navigation.

First Aid Cont

Introducing new first aid concepts begins in the 2nd week of camp as well as reinforcing core concepts and lessons from the prior weeks learning experience.

kids gardening

Week 3 Overview: July 22nd – 26th

Daily Exercise Cont:

Week 3 continues showing your child how to keep up the healthy progress and momentum with daily, fun exercise. 

Fire Starting

Safely learning how to prepare a fire for heat, cooking or any other survival need is a skill your kid will enjoy learning during week 3 of camp.

Animal Husbandry

Animal husbandry is the fun skill of caring for and tending to animals like chicken, goats, turkeys and more. Kids also discover what sustainable animal reproduction is.

Soap Making

Organic soap making is a memorable camp activity the the majority of other kids truly enjoy learning and participating in.


kids feeding chicken
girl working on skills at kids camp

Sausage Making

This skill helps your kid learn the importance of how to prepare and work with raw meats and they have fun making. a great tasting home made sausage recipe

Land Nav Cont

During the 3rd week of camp all kids who attend will learn more skill and experience with land navigation.

First Aid Cont

Introducing new first aid concepts begins in the 3rd week of camp as well as reinforcing core concepts and lessons from the prior weeks learning experience.


Pre Register Now For Only $50


3 Weeks Of Fun July 8th – 26th | Only $425 Per Week!

kid with fishing pole

BONUS #1: Free Kids Fishing Pole

Yes! Your child will recieve a free fishing pole that’s included when you sign up and register for Self Reliance Summer  Camp.

It’s the perfect way for you child to keep a memorable souvenir that they can use over and over.  


kids shirt
back of kids camp shirt

BONUS #2: Free Kids T-Shirt Included

Every regsistration to Kids Self Reliance Camp includse a free memorbillia kids tshirt!

It’s a fun way for the memories to last and all you have to do is simply share your childs t-shirt size with us.


Kids Summer Camp FAQ’s:

What Are The Benefits Of Self Reliance Summer Camp?

First, camp is truly a ton of fun. It’s the perfect way to help motivate your kids to get off the couch, off video games and outdoors this summer.

Beyond this, most parents appreciate that kids will see an increase in their confidence.

Additionally, kids learn timeless skills like gardening, fishing, animal husbandry and tons more.

Do I Have To Buy All 3 Weeks Of Sumer Camp?

Absolutely not! Most family prefer to have their kids attend all 3 weeks of summer camp, but you can choose what’s best for you and your family.

Where Is Self Reliance Camp Located?

Depending on the specific week and camp activities,  camp will take place over two different locations.

  • Week one will take place at 1331 Cuyamaca St STE A, El Cajon, CA 92020
  • Week two will be located at 3493 Skytrail Ranch Rd Jamul Ca 91935
  • Week three will be located at 3493 Skytrail Ranch Rd Jamul Ca 91935
Is Self Reliance Summer Camp Safe?

Yes! From having certified first aid team members readily available to proper training and adult supervision at all times, camp is made as safe as possible.

What Time Does Camp Start And End Every Day?

Camp starts at 8:00 a.m. and ends at 3:00 p.m. daily.

For a Small Fee 25.00 we will be having a extra early class 7am Daily On the Design Software Fusion 360 is definitely a must for those into 3d printing.

Can My Child Become CPR And AED Certified?

Yes! For a small fee of only $35 your child can become officially CPR and ADP certified from the classes they take at Self Reliance Summer Camp.

Can I Take CPR And AED Training And Get Certified?

Yes! You can attend the same exact training your child receives, and for a small fee of $50 you can become CPR and AED certified as well.

Plus, its the perfect way for you to have a ton of fun and create lasting memories together with your kids.

kids questions in summer camp class
girl sewing at camp
kids printing 3d items at camp

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